Week 7 – Turn Up The Music


Another amazing week with the MKMMa program.  Everything keeps building on itself. One simple exercise added to another simple exercise added to yet another exercise. The cool thing is they are all so simple a child could do them and probably do them better than an adult as they have not lost the wonderful world of imagination.

Remember as a child when you could play  outside for hours and simple tools of nature could turn into amazing props.  Small streams were raging rivers. The small treehouse was an amazing castle with a moat and drawbridge.  A long stick was the sword of the knight in shining armor. We dreamed and made our world around us our reality.

As we grow older, many of us lose that wonderful quality of imagination. We get lost in the day to day, we focus on the mundane and trite things that surround us. BUT… never fear, MKMMA is here.

MKMMA has become my knight in shining armor, my imagination is being rekindled,  I am enjoying the imagination of a child, but with much bigger and brighter toys.  How is this possible? Well, by pounding my subby with shapes, pictures. affirmations, positive reading materials.. and NOW…. my favorite… MUSIC.

Yep, showing off my age here a bit, but that’s ok because I feel as free as a child again.

This week we added our DMP, Affirmations, Blueprint  Builder,   and POA to music.. then  added the real music.  We did it all in our own voice.   The “me” talking to the “I” in perfect rhythm.  I love it. I add the music to my daily walk and now I am crushing the subby with great news of the person I am in the future… or is it now… not sure it is happening so fast.  Music, exercise,  and nothing but positive thoughts.  GOOD Stuff.

So another great week as I get to know the true me… may you be blessed in your life.




9 thoughts on “Week 7 – Turn Up The Music

  1. As you were recalling the “props” that nature gives us I was brought back to my own childhood. We had a large pine tree that came down during a storm. My brother and I turned it into a Star Wars ship. We climbed around that thing for hours dreaming of being Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Thanks for bringing me back those memories.


  2. Thank you for sharing.. I really like what you are saying..
    Yeah it is really sad that as we get older and older we totally forget to dream and just be.. So I’m looking forward to be following your blog, and see how you will dream on for the next many weeks..
    Enjoy and have fun

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  3. Hi Scott, it’s so awesome to see you back in the Master Keys…As always a brilliant post, I can totally relate with the childhood imagination and thanks for the reminder, I need to do my recording and pump up the volume…Peace & Blessings My Friend. 🙂

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