Week 12 – How Flash Cards Create Massive Gratitude

How did we get to week 12 already?  A whole quarter of the year!!!

Changes are happening and they are happening in rapid fire.


In the past I have done workout routines like Body for Life and P90X that are 90 day programs and I was amazed at the level of physical changes I could create in such a short amount of time. I can honestly say with MKMMA I am amazed at how fast the mental changes are happening in only 90 days.

I am not saying I have achieved all my goals or reached my DARMA in this short period of time, but I can say I am making huge strides.

Earlier this week things began to slip a bit and I was feeling a bit off… the old blueprint was hanging on for dear life. Change takes effort… the kinds of mental effort most people are not willing to make.  BUT I will persist and I will succeed.  I will win.  Thank goodness for Scroll III during the holidays.    I can’t just wait until the new year to start over.  I have come way too far.

imagesFlash Cards to the rescue.   In week 12 we added flash cards to the process and they are a huge win for me.  I have about 200 cards broken down into 2 piles.  Each card contains an affirmation, something I have accomplished or something I am thankful for… along with a color and shape.  Talk about massive linking…. connect all of these positive thoughts and colors to my personal pivotal needs and DMP.. VOILA, a perfect recipe for a great day.

I greet the day by forming a great new habit

I greet the day with love in my heart… it is easy to feel love when I express gratefulness

I persist until I succeed.

…. Rinse & Repeat

My subby is getting absolutely hammered with all this positive energy and then I do my 15 to 45 minutes Sit (Silent in thought).  Emotion is added to the vision with ease.  I feel my new reality and it is coming at me at light speed.

I am thankful for MKMMA and I wish you a blessed week during this holiday season.




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