Week 17 – Just Think About It… Take It In… Thought is the “Master Key”

Symbols Do Not Make Me Whole

Another great week in the MKMMA Journey.  I know this week we are learning about symbols and what they mean in our lives.  We have symbols everywhere… money, nice cars, big houses, political stances, religious views.   BUT this week I keep coming back to something so simple… I have a keen awareness of changes taking place in my world within.

What’s changing?


I love my DMP, But now, I am looking at it on a deeper level.  Not the money, not the things, not the physical body;  NOW I am looking at the ideal that is behind the DMP.  The Power of thought… we can accomplish anything by controlling our thought.  When we truly understand this, we no longer need to concern ourselves with symbols of status and physical appearance because we now know we can create anything at will.

I am  whole, perfect strong and powerful…

My thoughts give me permission to accept me as perfect (not arrogant) and whole.  I do not need symbols to complete me!

My thoughts give me strength and power to create anything I want to create.

My thoughts are harmonious and I give myself permission to be loving.

My thoughts are loving and I start and finish each day with love in my heart.

My Thoughts are happy and I give myself permission to smile and be happy 🙂    Did you ever notice smiles are truly contagious.   Try smiling at everyone you see today (yep, some will think you are nuts, but inside they are smiling)

What else is changing… here is what I wake up thinking and what pops in my head all throughout the day.

I greet each day with love in my heat (and I will share it)

I will persist until I succeed (my success is guaranteed)

I am nature’s greatest miracle (I am perfect , whole, powerful, strong, loving, harmonious, happy, and healthy)

So my thoughts control everything in my inner world which in turn controls my outer world.  I like thinking and I like my thoughts. I am blessed and humble.

May you have an amazing week filled with abundance. and remember you will get exactly what you focus on

Be Blessed.








5 thoughts on “Week 17 – Just Think About It… Take It In… Thought is the “Master Key”

  1. Scott, great post… It seems so simple after 18 weeks… but its still something that I struggle with.. Accept truly how the world without is directly modulated by the world within. That in many cases its my only job to be that Champion and Gatekeeper… I am still working on moving away from that old version of my blueprint that wants to try to be mr fix it… and use his right or wrong analysis that defines the energy I out put into various situations… I’m looking forward to seeing how your DMP unfolds 🙂 Have an amazing Week!!!


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