Week 17A – Reflection & Into the Hero’s Journey


Another great week in the MKMMA journey… and the decision to step into the Hero’s Journey. (The call to service)

I just finished watching this week’s Mark J video and I was so inspired by listening to May’s story… talk about being in service to others.. WOW. You know what’s cool.. those who have stepped into the Hero’s Journey are all on the same path… a life on purpose that is dedicated to the greater good.  How amazing is it to know we are living a life on purpose with purpose and for the greater good. (Think I am going to have to watch this weeks video a couple more times… really take it all in)

My Reflection:   17 weeks into the journey to meet the future me…

My first thought this morning is to make sure and enjoy the journey… while we are focusing on the outcome, I want to make sure I enjoy every moment of the journey. How? By simply focusing on “I AM what I will to be.”  I have brought this thought into present tense.  I am Perfect, whole, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy… AND I give myself permission to be happy and live a life full of abundance in each waking moment.  I am focused on the characteristics I want to see all around me and they are all there…. love, kindness, courage, enthusiasm.  My outer world is truly becoming what I create in my inner world and I am giving myself permission to step into this world everyday.

As I look back at all the tools we have been given and the habits I am forming I realize that I am now living the exercises no longer just performing them.  These tasks are no longer work, they are an integral part of who I am.

I love getting up early in the morning and reading Hannel and Og; flashing through my gratitude & success cards, reading my DMP, reading my service card, and sitting for at least 15 minutes.

I have added a routine of riding my stationary bike every day while listening to The Greatest Secret in the World and the recording of my DMP  while focusing on my Smart Goals and movie poster.

I have given myself permission to be happy and live an abundant life, and love myself.

I greet each day with love in my heart

I will persist until I succeed

I am nature’s  greatest miracle.

CHANGE..  quiet but significant CHANGE that is what I am experiencing during the first 17 weeks.

I have also realized that this is not a 26 week sprint to a finish line, it is the marathon of life.  I am enjoying the run and adding partners to run with me along the way.  I have been blessed this week with a new mastermind partner; we are running together and are more powerful as a team.  I AM THANKFUL 🙂

My thoughts are a bit scattered today as I write this post only because I have received so much from the last 17 weeks and I am looking forward to the continued journey.

Give More, Get More… I really do believe it is more fun to give than to receive.

I wish each of you an amazing week.

Be Blessed



9 thoughts on “Week 17A – Reflection & Into the Hero’s Journey

  1. Hi Scott,
    thanks for your comment on my week 17 blog.

    I love your picture for Reflections (Brilliant) and the use of the runners for the heroes journey.

    U R Amazing n
    o wonder u have a gr8 life & loving family.
    Peace be the journey.


  2. I like your post about moving the finish line from 26 weeks to the rest of your life. I hadn’t focused on that yet, and it made me smile.. I think all of our lives will be blessed because we walked through this journey!


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