Week 22: Can you hear it? Only in the deepest silence.

It’s Thursday again already and here I am writing my blog post for the week. How did it get to be Thursday again so fast?

When you love what you are doing, time goes by so fast.  Even with that love, tons of meetings,  webinars, phone calls, learning sessions… well, it can get a little overwhelming.  I am so thankful for all the tools I have learned in MKMMA because even during the busiest days, I find the tools keep me focused.  I know who I am and where I am headed with the utmost certainty that I am going to end up at my chosen destination. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT… I am enjoying the journey along the way.

NOW…  what does being busy have to do with my blog post this week?  Well, it’s really simple.  No matter how busy we are, we need to take time for ourselves to unplug and connect to our inner world.  Yep, the 15 Minute sit and the “Sacred Hour” at the end of each day.  Both of theses time are golden.

I keep going back to the 7 Laws of the mind and this one is at the top of mind in my busy world.

The Law of Relaxation

Mental effort defeats itself ~ exactly the opposite of physical effort. A relaxed, calm state of mind, is the only doorway to progress mentally. Relaxation of thought is the only access to Infinite Intelligence.

So how do we relax and find a truly calm state of mind?  Well for me it is not…

  • Social Media
  • Smart Phones
  • Load Music
  • Daily Work
  • Email
  • Texting

I have to truly unplug. Yep, no electronics at all.. OMG I bet some of you go into cold sweats just thinking about it.  I used to but not anymore.  The 15 minutes sit has become the 30 minute sit, and now sometime the 60 minute sit.  IN ABSOLUTE SILENCE 🙂

I come out so focused, so connected, so calm…. it’s better than any drug on the market. Connecting to the inner world.. the world I create and its full of my deepest desires.

SO.. now that we have been given the task of spending quiet time alone for at least 24 hours with no books, no music, no technology at all;  Well I am actually excited about it.  I have not decided yet where I will go for this exercise, but I am sure it will be on the water… I love nature and I really love rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. It will be a time of deep reflection, connection, and recharging.


I  will post soon about my experience.

May you be blessed with the peace of connecting with your true inner self

Until next week….




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