Week 22-A: 3 Magical Statements


6:00 AM Wednesday morning. Hot cup of coffee on my desk.  My 18 year old cat at my feet talking away. Weather is 70 and sunny for today. Life is Good. Yep, that’s  what it
life-is-good-walksays on my ballcap and the inside says Do what you love and love what you do. I love all my “Life is Good” clothes… they are a constant reminder to my subby of how blessed I am to be alive.

So I awakened this morning thinking about what I wanted to share on my blog this morning and as usual I came up with a topic in a matter of seconds. I have started my sits each day with 3 very powerful statements that I have been taught from the Bible from a young age… but they have such clear meaning now. I have complete faith that these statements are fact and have opened my mind to new possibilities. They are highlighted in the “Greatest Secret in the World” which I listen to on a regular basis.

So what are these three magical statements.

  • Ask and it will be given to you
  • Seek and you will find.
  • Knock and it will be opened unto you.

Wow! Power of theses statements when  you approach them with an open mind and true faith is truly miraculous (yep, I believe in miracles)

My life has been a whirlwind of change over the last month! Long hours, impossible deadlines, moving targets, tons of materials to learn… wait that doesn’t sound like fun. Well, it does for me because I asked, I seeked, and it was opened to me.  I am now working in the world of financial services which I love… building a company with services that truly benefit all the companies I reach out to… the leaders of our company are true visionaries. 


Now, here is the cool thing.  I have to rewrite a few lines in my DMP this week.  Why is that a cool thing? Because I am focused on the end result of my DMP not the vehicle to get there. I have been open to letting my subby supply me with the best methods of reaching my DMP and not holding on to my preconceived notions of how I was going to achieve it.  The core DMP is the same… the burning desire is still the same…  AND the vehicle to get there is better than the one I put on paper in my original DMP. In fact, I really only have to change one or two sentences and my DMP is in perfect harmony.

I am thankful for MKMMA. I am thankful for each of you on this wonderful journey with me.  May you be blessed and find your true bliss.

Life is Good!!!!



Be Blessed




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