Week 23: Consistency


Thursday morning.  Blogging time.  Hot coffee in hand.  Spring is in the air and it should be as everything is blooming.  It has been a short winter but I am ready for Spring.   Spring is a time of rebirth and beauty to me as I love to see all the flowers bloom and everything turn green.

I do not have a deep message today and what is in my heart is not directly from any reading of Haanel or Og this week. I awakened this morning with one thought in mind.  The power of consistency.

Consistency defined: steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.:

We have been on a 24 week journey with MKMMA and it has been amazing the affect the principles we have learned have had on my life in such short order. I feel my results come from one thing… consistent effort over a continuous amount of time…  yep, Consistency.

We get what we give and if we give consistency we will receive a consistent result.

So as Spring is blooming in Atlanta, I am blooming with it.  I am blooming into the future me… the person I have always wanted to be and I am happy in my own skin.  I truly feel like I am nature’s greatest miracle.. an original. Blessed and loved.

I have learned to be quiet and observe, to be kind to all, to give love to all I encounter, to simply be the unique “Me” I came into this life to experience.

I have made new friends to mastermind with.. I am thankful for them all.

I  am perfect, whole, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, happy, and healthy.

Be blessed this week… finish strong in MKMMA and start strong with the rest of your life. Our new journey has truly just begun.

Be Blessed



5 thoughts on “Week 23: Consistency

  1. Your words are absolutely beautiful! The positivity and hope and love for yourself and for everyone and everything are apparent in this post! Thank you for writing such a powerful entry. It made a huge impact on me and was just what I needed to read at this moment!!!


  2. Thanks Scott for saying exactly what I am feeling. Consistency is definitely the word for creating the wonderful changes that we have all experienced throughout this amazing MKMMA experience. Thanks for being the Unique “You” that you are. Have an amazing week!!

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  3. I so too appreciate all the new friends to mastermind with and appreciate your writing . You noted you didn’t have a deep message for this but I disagree – a consistent effort toward your true purpose is what we all need.

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