Hi There,

My name is Scott Scales… thanks for stopping by my blog.

I left the corporate word seventeen years ago and became a virtual entrepreneur and love working from home in my ball-cap shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops.

I have been blessed with my beautiful wife of 23  years and our three amazing children who are my heart, soul, and spirit.

I am basically a very low key guy (other than watching the Georgia Bulldogs play football… I am a very spirited fan:-)

I have spent the lasts eventeen years working online and I am an avid student of marketing in both online and offline formats.

My primary passion is to assist others in reaching their dreams.

I love the power of social media to meet, connect, and share ideas with other like-minded individuals so leave me a comment, follow me on Twitter or send me a message if you would like to create a new friendship.

Have a blessed day!


PS. Feel free to call me on Skype at jsscales or on the phone at (678) 208-9346